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Spring Favorites

Libby Hopper

Spring is my favorite time of year - a time of hope and renewal and fresh air and green-ness. See my favorite spring picks below!

1. Belle Isle in Detroit - such a good spot to catch a little nature. Check out a great photo essay with photos by Ali Lapetina & Alex Hoxie over at Grand Circus Magazine

2. I love the spring/summer collection by Worthwhile Paper - like a breath of fresh air!

3. Currently listening to Rachel Sweet's album "Fool Around". It was released in 1978 when she was just 16. It reminds me of Kate Bush with a retro country vibe and a touch of Miley Cyrus. It's super fun! Listen on Spotify here.

Rachel Sweet

4. Wall hangings by West Perro - I imagine these hanging among some plants soaking up those springtime rays. 

5. For those rainy spring nights when we're cozied up on the couch - thoroughly enjoying the show Crashing on HBO.


6. I'm obsessed with this denim jacket from Sandro Paris. It actually belongs to my husband but I keep stealing it! I love the longer cut of it - it looks good on everyone. I'm currently on the hunt for a vintage (& more affordable) version for myself.

Inspiration - JB Blunk

Libby Hopper

I became acquainted with the work of JB Blunk recently while reading an issue of Apartamento magazine. His body of work and way of life really resonated with me - I've thought about him almost every day since reading the article and learning about him has really made me and my husband think about how we want to live our lives.

JB Blunk portrait

JB blurred the lines between art and craft, creating furniture and sculpture by way of wood, clay, and stone. He even dabbled in jewelry and weavings. He gained inspiration from time spent in Japan working with a couple of famed ceramicists, gaining their friendship by simply being a gentle and humble guy.

JB Blunk 2

After Japan he got an plot of land in the mountains of Inverness, CA and built a home and studio in this idyllic setting revolving around the simple lifestyle he wanted to live - still very much inspired by Japan. It really seems like his home and work reflected who he truly was as a person.

JB Blunk home

To me, JB Blunk's life sounds like dream. He lived a life of freedom and artistic expression without being forced into any sort of box. He created his ideal home in his ideal setting and lived simply. He was humble, kind and hardworking. I definitely do not claim to be an expert on him but I am a huge admirer. You can learn more about him here - I highly recommend it! (All photos have been pulled from