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Goldeluxe - Jewelry Care

Handmade jewelry for every day wear. Made in Detroit, MI.

Jewelry Care

Goldeluxe jewelry is made with love out of brass and sterling silver. All pieces are handcrafted, so please allow for slight variations or flaws - that's what makes them special!  All earring posts, backs and hooks are either gold filled or sterling silver. Please read individual item descriptions for more information about materials used.

All about brass: Brass is a lovely and affordable alternative to gold. Since our brass jewelry is not plated, it's easy to clean, and there's no need to be concerned about the color wearing off.

Brass and sterling silver may naturally develop a darker patina over time as they react to the environment as well as the wearer's skin. Your piece will become unique to you as it settles in to your personal chemistry. If you prefer to keep your jewelry shiny and clean, try to avoid water (especially chlorine and saltwater) as well as lotions, perfumes, sweat, etc. Pieces that come in direct contact with skin are more likely to tarnish over time. Be sure to store your jewelry in a clean and dry environment.

Some people may have a reaction to brass that turns their skin green. Other people have no reaction at all. To prevent this reaction, avoid contact with water, sweat and other chemicals. An easy solution is to paint the inside of your brass ring with clear nail polish. 

Cleaning brass and sterling silver: If you want to give your jewelry a polish to brighten it up, there are many methods. Both brass and sterling silver are is easily cleaned with household substances such as white toothpaste, ketchup, or by making a paste with lemon juice and baking soda. Use a toothbrush or a soft cloth to scrub your jewelry with the solution of your choice. A typical jewelry cleaner or cloth works as well. If your piece has recessed lines that have been blackened, please do not clean with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner - it will remove the black oxidation. Your local jeweler would be able to clean up your piece as well. 

About 14k gold fill: 14k gold filled jewelry is coated with a layer of 14k gold. It is similar to gold plated jewelry but the layer is thicker so it will not wear away like gold plated jewelry. Gold filled jewelry is a good choice for sensitive skin and will not tarnish.

Palladium White Gold: Why palladium white gold for your wedding band instead of regular white gold? Traditional white gold is made white by the addition of nickel. Since nickel is not always good for your skin, white gold rings are typically rhodium plated, or "dipped". The plating will wear off after a while and your ring will continue to need to be re-dipped. Palladium white gold is made white by palladium instead of nickel. It is easier on your skin and does not need to be constantly re-plated. Palladium white gold will not look like the rhodium plating you see in the jewelry store. It has a beautiful gray-white hue and some may notice a slight yellowish undertone (that is the gold shining through!). 18k palladium white gold will have less of a yellow undertone.

A palladium white gold wedding band will require less maintenance and provided you take care of it, it will look the same as the day you got it, years later.

Please email Libby at if you have any questions or are interested in other metal types such as bronze, gold or rose gold.